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Tours is best visited by car, as the city center contains little more than means of hiring private bus 'tours' to the castles. The day of arrival was my birthday, July 5th; previous birthdays had always been passed over because of my summer travels. Andreea took it upon herself to make my birthday spectacular, giving me a Mount Blanc pen and stylish CK messenger bag. I was also endowed with a nice dinner and heart-warming speech.

The castles are alright, two of them are truly worth seeing. While the names escape me, one has a kept garden over a square mile big while the other stands on a river. Unless on is familiar with the history of French principalities, the insides are quite boring -- old tapestry, staid portraits and zoned-off antique furniture. While we only stayed for a few days, we soon discovered that it's quite cheap and enjoyable to picknick in the city's park. If you go during July (like we did,) you'll have a chance to be obstructed the Tour de France's camera vans and equiptment trucks.

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