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Attachment (sometimes sexual) to stuffed toy animals.

Some people call this "stuffing your stuffed animals", but not all people who call themselves plushophiles make strategically placed holes to toys and then... you know... do things.

Some people merely like to collect plush toys, some people (like me) just want to hug them...

From alt.lifestyle.furry FAQ:

A plushie of a favourite or totem animal species can help a furry feel closer to that species in everyday 'mundane' life. Other furries may just collect plushies because, let's face it, plushies are cute. More than a few furries have a love of plushies which goes a lot deeper than this, however. A plushophile is a person whose love of plush often extends into sexual, romantic or spiritual realms.

And yes, many adults seem to like plush toys, too.

Peter "da gold and" da Silva asked, "Have you hugged your wolf today?" I, too, demand an answer, and in case your answer is negative one, I recommend you to change this pathetic situation =)

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