Disclaimer: This is an exaggerated stereotypical definition of a pothead. No, I don't think stoned people are better drivers, most potheads aren't as annoying as this writeup makes them seem. In other words, don't take this too seriously. :)

A person who regularly engages in the act of smoking marijuana. This can range from someone who smokes once every few months to someone who's perma-fried day and night. Potheads will routinely attend pro-legalization rallies and argue endlessly with someone who doesn't believe that marijuana should be legalized. Many of them enjoy getting their pets stoned and driving stoned. Many believe that being stoned increases their driving performance.

A pothead's appearance is usually scruffy and their t-shirt will usually sport a marijuana motif. Typically, they listen to bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, and Phish, bands often referred to as stoner rock. They often save up for a pothead pilgrimage to Amsterdam, where marijuana is legal.

Potheads can be found saying things such as:

"Did you know that pot cures everything?"
"I was so stoned when..."
"Dude, wanna come get baked?"
"So I was rolling a big joint, right..."

Recommended stoner watching:

Also known as a stoner.

I am a pothead, and proud of it.

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