Pretend to be an idiot all the time. Node stupid things. Mislabel your nodes. Give them wrong titles, but don't ask for them to be fixed. Say foolish things on the Chatterbox, incessantly, even when asked a seemingly trivial question.

There is a purpose to all of this. Your goal is to make people think you're pretending to be an idiot. At least 95% of your nodes should be aimed at strengthening this impression. Anybody pointing out that you're an idiot will be ridiculed, since you're obviously only pretending to be an idiot, while they've proven themselves really to be idiots.

Your other 5% should be the nodes you really care about. The ones you research diligently. Of course, you're still going to make errors. If all your nodes were such serious factual nodes, these errors would quickly be pointed out to you in the Chatterbox, or worse, in followup writeups. But that's not the case if you've followed my foolproof method. People will read your mis-nodes and think to themselves:

"What an idiot! How come he doesn't know such an elementary thing! I'd better hurry up to be the first to point out ariels' latest egregrious mistake!"

But then they'll remember all the times somebody was foolish enough to take one of your intentional errors seriously.

"Hmmm... Maybe it's one of his stupid jokes? If it is, and I point out his idiocy, I could end up being shown as a fool. Best to shut up, so I can pretend to be in on the joke."

Voila! You're three off all cricism. By pretending to be an idiot all the time, you can easily mask the fact that you're an idiot some of the time!

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