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For a limited time ONLY, I am offering YOU the chance of a lifetime to purchase some prime INTERNET Real Estate. This is the item they've all been trying to get a hold of!


By listing your bid in a writeupTM below, you stand a chance of being allowed to use the prestigious Internet phraseTM "The dot in ariels". Unlike lesser Internet phrasesTM ("the dot in .ly"), this Internet phraseTM contains a holistic dot, not a dot stuck to the beginning of a word.

And it will be ALL YOURS (Subject to rules below).


  1. ariels and the E2WDC are under no obligation to accept all or any of the offers tendered.
  2. Offer subject to availability.
  3. All granted licenses to use the phrase "the dot in ariels" will be non-exclusive; others may also be granted permission to use the phrase.
  4. Some computer monitors, fonts and screen fonts may display the dot in ariels unroundly, illegibly, or otherwise distorted.
  5. No warranty for any purposes, expressed or implied, whether inside or outside the State of Alabama, and much finer print, shall be granted.

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