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I've recently been having discussions with friends about productivity, mostly centering around two points:
  1. that I should get over it, as you don't have to be productive all the time.
  2. somehow video games and noding are equivalently nonproductive.
(Of course, the reason that I don't play videogames, is that they're horribly addictive. Oh, wait... )

Anyway, when making the argument for slight differential productivity of noding (note that I'm not over the productivity thing)... productivity of noding as literary or akin to writing a journal, the counter is hand-eye coordination and problem solving.

Maybe a stronger argument would have been about meaning.

But if one seeks meaning in slack,
one will surely only find false slack

then again, fake zen is zen

So why am I concerned about looking nonproductive to the very friends that tell me it's okay? I think it's because they don't realize the depths of my nonproductivity. The fear is that, upon realizing it, they'll begin to think it's as uncool as I do.

be the seer, not the seen,
don't be so hard on yourself,
and go ahead and get that new zelda game

Or it could be that they're getting a vicarious thrill out of it.

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