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prospie: n. slang - prospective student

Prospie is a term used on many college campuses, but is used most abundantly on the campus of Reed College. A prospie is one who visits the college for the night in order to get a feel for the college.


prospie week: A week in late April when the college provides many seminars for prospies, and the number of prospies skyrockets from two or three at any given night, to forty or fifty prospies on any given night. The students take advantage of this to play pranks on the prospies who have gathered en masse. Pranks include "Personal Injury Day", in which many Reedies where casts or eyepatches, and "Fun Prospie Activities", in which the Reedies advertise a "fun get together", and when the prospies show up, make them do general maintenance for the college, like repaint the bathrooms.

prospie sex: Having sex with a prospie. Regarded both with respect and disgust. Usually seen as a last refuge of the desperate, that you have such a bad reputation around campus that you can't get laid with another student. At the same time, prospies have access to play with the much more beautiful people in the real world, and if they choose to have sex with you, they must be drunk or you must be really suave.

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