This is a nodeshell rescue, my first. I do not like to rescue nodeshells because I do not like to help other people. I like to watch other people suffer, because it pleases me to do so; furthermore, in a world where there is one single actor, if you are suffering, I am not, and that is good.

Suppose you are a rock star, or a politician, or someone else who is likely to be asked complex questions with no time to prepare; perhaps you have been buttonholed at a party, or you are attending a constituency meeting and a poor old woman in the audience has dared to put up her withered hand and upset your peace of mind with a stupid, stupid question that means nothing to you and you don't care about the bloody bus service or her painful hip, dammit, you want to be the secretary of state for defence one day, and you have more important things to worry about I am sorry I am sorry.

And your answer will be reported widely and will be used against you, by people who seek to destroy you. You are at a party, or you are walking down the street, or you are in a toy shop looking for a Tamagotchi - they will return to fashion, mark my words - anywhere you are likely to be confronted by a journalist. You are minding your own business, and you are asked the following question, let us suppose:

"How would you solve the problem of Iraq?"

At this point you should question the question before you contemplate your answer. Your immediate answer should be:

"What problem is that?"

You have to understand that, if you are a politician or rock star etc, everyone is against you, everyone has an agenda. In this example, you have no idea if the person who is asking you about Iraq is a raving left-wing loony, dedicated to the destruction of the United States and the elimination of Israel, or a raving right-wing loony, dedicated to the seizure of oil and the elimination of Islam. Many of these extremists are intelligent enough to wear suits and smart clothes, thus giving nothing away by their appearance; you must ask yourself, what does this person want? What is their agenda? Replace "Iraq" with "Europe", "the Black", "Islam", "the Poor", "vegetables", "animal experimentation", "capital punishment".

This is how I approach all social interaction. What does this person want, I ask myself, and what is their agenda? If it all goes wrong, could I strike this person with enough force, and in such a way, as to prevent them from attacking me? That is how you must deal with social interaction, if you are a politician or a rock star. Everyone wants to trap you into making a mistake. They want to destroy you, and they want you to destroy yourself. You can destroy yourself by destroying others, if it so happens that the others you destroy are thought of highly by society, or if they are thought of as victims; if environmental activists were to sink an Icelandic trawler, but in the process an environmental activist was drowned, society in general would mourn the activist, even if he or she was entirely in the wrong. There would be statues and college courses named after this activist.

Nature herself would not care either way; it disgusts me that people lay claim to speak for Nature, as if they were somehow privy to the natural world's desires and intentions. Just as the vast majority of Moveon-style followers are whitebread, white university educated whites who enjoy their power over minorities and the poor, so environmental activists are not planets, they are not eco-systems, they tie themselves to Moby-Dick's back as if they were whales, but they are not and never will be. Whales are whales and must defend and speak for themselves. If it pleases Nature to exterminate them so that human beings may make perfume, so be it. We are natural, too. The harpoon is nature.

The trawler's crew would occupy the same historical space as a child molester, even if they were in the right. Society is sick. The majority is often wrong, or unwilling to question the question. I hope that someone grinds their faces into the shit they have left on the pavement, just as one grinds the face of a dog into the mess it has unwisely left on my garden. Damn them. Society does not look kindly on the dog-killer, yet dogs are vermin, foxes are vermin. There is hope in the cats, the cats are not vermin. They act alone. Cat society is right-wing. Dogs are stupid. We have that much in common, at least. There is a reason why the right wing is called the right wing. It is because it is right.

I am sorry, I cannot hold myself back. Perhaps it is for this reason that I do not enjoy the physical act of love. However, by questioning the question, a politician or rock star etc gives him or herself time to think, to divine the intentions of the questioner. Furthermore, it shifts the onus onto the person asking the question, and the best defence is to attack. When confronted by journalists, too often politicians become weak and spineless, bowing and scraping the earth in order to please an imaginary public, when in fact the public admires men of iron, strong men and strong women, rather than apologetic weaklings. Too often the left wing have been on the attack, these past decades; they must be put onto the back foot, made to feel fear and uncertainty, made to realise that their enemies are not intimidated, and that right-thinking people will cheer their demise. Their fondness for social studies will not help them when society decides to fight back.

Never apologise. It is a sign of weakness. Always be right, and then you will never have to apologise. If someone questions you, they are wrong; destroy them, turn their words against them. What is their agenda, and what do they want? If they are themselves righteous, they will response in good faith. If they are not righteous, if they are fractious, then there is no point in further dialogue; they have already made up their minds, they are lost. One cannot persuade a dog to fly, no matter how effective one's arguments; and, as I have proven, dogs are stupid. Even if they were physically capable of flight, they would be unable to do so, because flight is quite a complex science involving physics, and dogs are, again, stupid.

You are wrong. Born and educated stupid, like Gene Ray says.

Did you know that a woman who asks a lot of questions - and never gives any answers, only questions, questions, questions - that woman is a ques-bian? That is a pun. You may laugh, at this point.

The beat goes on. Rock over London. Rock on, Chicago. Master of sound, I get that, I get that.

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