Gene Ray is the discoverer of the TRUE reality about the cosmos, Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-day Time Cube, found at Like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, Gene is a visionary whose ideas may not be accepted in the beginning, but he perseveres for he sees a greater truth.

Gene is perhaps the only man in the world who can comprehend the fourth dimension. No one has successfully disproved the Timecube, which states the true nature of the universe: we humans only comprehend 24 hours per "unit day", but there are in fact 96 hours (or 4 days) in such a unit quantity. The proof, I am certain, is too complex for casual reading (but it is on his website). A summary of the proof is that there are 4 "states" in a day (sunup, midday, sundown, midnight) and the world moves from one to another constantly. This results in the 4-day which is the basis of the Time Cube. Because we move through these stages without recognition of the fact, we see only one day where there should be four. Thus, we are only one-fourth what we COULD be.

An interesting corollary pops out of this proof: each of the day's states correspond to a race! (Gene feels that this is far too complicated to get into and doesn't explain how he derived it.) Sunup - Indian Race, Midday - Caucasian Race, Sundown - Asian Race, and Midnight - African Race. Being only a novice of the Timecube, I do not understand what happened to other races such as the Hispanics. Maybe there are actually 5 days, not 4? Or more?

Gene Ray is also a social and religious revolutionary. He insists that there is no God; instead there is a cubic spirit which is the Timecube equivalent of a God. At the same time, he insists that the Jewish religion is superior to the Christian religion. How he can make such bold statements without there being a God is beyond me, but I am still thinking in one-day terms and am not fully trained in the Timecube yet. Among other things, Gene believes that math is a social construct, adults are evil to children (in fact, most everything is evil according to Gene Ray), and - in general - everybody is stupid (which leaves me with little hope of ever mastering the Timecube).

Gene resides in South Pasadena, FL. You didn't hear it from me if you plan on doing him any physical harm (but do ask him if hospitals charge him four times as much for his stay).

See also: An Interview with Gene Ray.

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