Timecube is 4-corner Truth. 1 day greenwich time is bastardly stupid government plot. Nature's Harmonic Timecube debunks reality as fraud. You are educated as stupid adult. Idiot teachers do not understand 96 hour simultaneous 4 day cube. 3 days lost to academic stupidity. Invented by Gene Ray. Located at www.timecube.com .

Are you stupid and evil?
http://www.timecube.com/ is one of the most unusual sites on the internet; a lengthy, incoherent rant about how time is... a fourth-order shape, or something. It is a work of genius, something I say with utmost sincerity.

Quite possibly the mastermind behind timecube.com - a resident of Florida who goes by the name of 'Gene Ray' (according to his WHOIS entry) - is a comic, and timecube.com is an arch parody of internet kookery. It is equally possible that timecube.com is a straight-faced joke in the manner of The Church of the Subgenius, but taken to an extreme of archness indistinguishable from sincerity.

It is not immediately apparent how often timecube.com is updated; the copyright date is 1997-1998. Gene Ray answers e-mails sent to him (such as the observation that a cube actually has six faces, not four), and as evidenced by 'An interview with Gene Ray', he exists and is a live human male.

Pokey's writeup above captures the strident, clipped tone of Ray's monologue; his writing style conveys an impression of great passion and great urgency, as if Ray was writing a final letter in a doomed submarine.

'Timecube' has also become shorthand for any form of mania, as in 'X is totally timecubed', often applied to obscure academic tracts, bizarre theories, and culty websites (and, for that matter, the websites of cults).

Three-dimensional time at one point in my life started seeming like a frightening possibility. With alternate realities now being at the very least a probability, it seemed that there could be some mechanism to move between these alternate realities. I am not a physicist, but a madman with a vivid and frightful imagination. I experience the reality where we move forward in time in a linear line to be but an illusion. I think we're merely conditioned to think that our consciousness has to move forward in some thing we call "time", and that it may be possible to move backwards, or in the case of three-dimensional time, sideways within time into similar but alternate realities through an act of the will.

Time is not but the rhythms of nature manifesting themselves in patterns, to the ancients. If we could find a new rhythm, or play the rhythm backwards, who knows what insane possibilities would await us. Many schizophrenics and psychotics I have met in mental wards claim not to know what period of time they live in. Perhaps they have through some means been deconditioned against the linear notion of time, and so experience time as a series of disjointed moments.

If the sane could understand time as perhaps three-dimensional, with it possible to move through an act of will through alternate realities, it would be in effect possible to "undo" events, by going to alternate realities through an act of will where they never occured. It would require a specificity, and precision to altering the past, however, or else one could easily become lost, not knowing what happened, with other past events being shifted to new truths that were false before the person went "sideways in time."

By going "side-ways in time" it might be possible to go to where loved ones never died, as they simply exist in a part of three-dimensional time where they're still alive. In this way, death would lose its sting, as a person dying could simply end up in the nearest universe where they're still alive, and the person who understands three-dimensional time could move to there, the "land of the dead".

If Timecube were not so insulting, I'd consider it an amateur independent discovery of Quadrature and the square root of negative one. Imaginary numbers. Not really imaginary though, as it can be simply demonstrated with a pendulum above two rulers, which point north-south and west-east. If you are familiar with the ways these directions go on a Globe, then you will realize they are very much similar but certainly have special differences. As an analogy, you can go west and east forever. You cannot go north nor south forever, because those directions end at poles where you have no choice whatsoever of direction but toward the opposite pole. At the poles, time does not mean very much. The shadow of the "pole" (if it were an actual post in a hole) does form an hour hand though. If you go home, then either west or east, you eventually enter different time zones. In a very limited sense, going at a speed slightly faster than Sound, you may be able to go "forward and backward in time". Not really though, because you can't fly into the future to get winning lottery numbers and then go back to buy that ticket. This paragraph plays along too much with Timecubish ideas though.

Back to the pendulum, you can make it swing east-west, you can also make it swing north-south. There are two other cases and one is special and demonstrates quadrature and the square root of negative one. You can swing the pendulum in a circle. When you do that, you are swinging the pendulum equally north-south and east-west at the same time. It is obviously so from the point of view of the four ends of the rulers or any other direction. Thus the powers of the square root of minus one are the four directions. The imaginary number is in a direction that's away from the number line, and not on the number line, and that's why it must be an "imaginary" number. Because there are four directions, circular motion is possible, and the four directions of the circle are in quadrature. (There are four phases, just as in the lunar month). Any other direction is included also as a root of unity, which is sqr-1 to the power of a fraction or an irrational number.

The other case where you swing the pendulum in all 4 directions at the same time is from northwest to southeast, or northeast to southwest.This is also visible from all 4 compass directions. But imaginary numbers are only required to explain the circular or elliptical motions of the pendulum. Linear motion only requires motion along a Real Number Line.

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