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i thought "hm, thegoddess@hotmail.com MUST exist" and on that assumption began writing in that igly mail proggie i use:

Subject: i want to....

lift my tongue toward

while i walk around the kitchen with a cup
full of milk and lucky charms

we have a moment together
you so completely unexpecting of this
and me too
Meee tooooo!
i had no idea, we would be so connected
by the law of averages

let's meet and fall in love
but do nothing about it for a decade
and then, when you've gotten a new address
i will think of a name

and of course it will be you
so common are we in our unknowing.

of course what i really should have done was write her a letter telling her my views on sex without love and how it felt to kiss a girl with a tongue ring. Oh well, that's what ex girlfriends (who happen to be online(icq)) are for.

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