RTB is a Christian apologetics organization, founded by Dr. Hugh Ross, with the intent, as hinted by the name "Reasons to Believe", of providing reasons to believe in the God of the Bible (Scientists enjoy such uncreative names, it seems). It is an attempt to reach out to the skeptics by
  1. blasting away intellectual arguments against the Bible.
  2. providing new ways to support the truth of the Bible.
It's not their job to provide a complete, undeniable proof of God (RTB is only humans, after all), but you will start to seriously consider him.

The beliefs of the organization are not heretical, but they do come from rigorous testing as Paul instructs in 1 Thessalonians 5:21. This has led to somewhat controversial beliefs, such as rejection of young earth creationism, in favour of old earth creationism. Nevertheless, they do hold evangelical views where it actually matters. If someone has told you that "Oh, RTB believes x", be sure to check it out for yourself.

The RTB website is http://www.reasons.org. If you don't feel like buying their stuff, I highly recommend listening to the archived radio programs. If you are a non-Christian, and you are a scientist, look no further, as RTB has a testable Creation model for you to put under the microscope, perhaps reshaping your opinion of Creationism.

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