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xriso is the lojban word for "is Christian".

Yes, that's right. I'm a Christian. Part of my E2 experience will be adding Christian viewpoints on things. It seems that people sometimes like to slam Christianity here, but that's OK with me, and I'm sure they don't mind having their beliefs slammed as well ;-).

I also have a little hobby in programming C, and running my little Linux box as an IP Masquerader. So much more to learn.

Poetry Corner:

My mind and spirit:

  • Either iNTp or iNTj (seems to fluctuate with respect to time), therefore iNTx. This correlates with my enjoyment of Mathematics and other systems.
  • Again, I'm a Christian. Not perfect by any means, but trying to get there. Not all specifics of belief are determined, so far.
  • Like many people, I'm slightly CRAZY. Maybe I hit my head too hard too many (7) times as a kid. Self-diagnosis indicates that maybe I'm a bit schizoid (not schizophrenic), and I'm definitely growing more that way over time. If it's true, I don't mind too much; after all, if I'm not crazy I'll have a hard time being a mad scientist, won't I? :-)

Now, about my physical manipulator:

  • Extracted from womb December 1983. Currently lives in BC, Canada.
  • Male.

Raised in Christian home. Got "held back" a grade in kindergarten so I wouldn't be the young kid in class. Went to Christian school. Tried pre-IB classes at public school for a semester, but the program funding got cut, so I did Grades 10/11/12 in 2 years at the Christian school. Got more serious about Christianity during this time. Started University. Yay, still in university. Physics is good.

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