Industry. Science. Technology.

All these frontiers of human endeavour come together when you build your own Atom Storage Box, just one component of the Interocitor(R). While the assembly of this amazing device can seem daunting at first, feel assured that all 2486 parts work together to bring you the latest in communications and warfare technologies. An Allen wrench tool has been provided to make the construction as easy as 1-2-3*!

Once assembled, you can activate the Interocitor(R) at anytime by turning the Intensifier disk 18 degrees to the left. Your communications are guaranteed** to be a fulfilling experience as you interact with aliens on far-away planets, or just as easily, talk to your next-door neighbor! Newer models come with our new DirectZap technology. Delightful red light beams are simply a disk rotation away!


*The customer is encouraged to consult the accompanying manual while constructing the product. It is tempting to just start putting screwdrivers into things, but our customer surveys have shown that this behaviour rarely results in a fully working system.

**Not an actual guarantee.