This is going to be a big month in terms of changing hosting within the next week. To support that, I'm going to have to make a lot of code and infrastructure changes that I didn't want to have to make right away. This will eventually be a good thing, but for now it's going to be a bit hectic.

    Aug 19:
  • Added new configuration directives everywhere to support AWS user image upload to S3.
  • Added homenode_image_host so that I can toggle between the (soon to be deprecated) and the S3 bucket where the images will live
  • Pointed zen user display page to the new config item: $CONFIG{homenode_image_host}
  • Cleaned up showuserimage so that it can be used everywhere, with some small thought to continuing to support old-ass themes
  • Added variable S3 origin support for showuserimage
  • Changed my homenode picture
  • Fixed a problem with non-URL characters in the name, like "The Custodian"
  • Working next on the mail sending problem. We are going to get out of the business of sending our own emails and moving over to Amazon's "bulk" service. This means that the password and user emails now come from a semi-monitored account.
    Aug 21:
  • Wounded up New user images so that it won't show broken images now that we're on S3. I'll need to change it so that it works better in a bit.
    Aug 26
  • Killed off the script, as we don't need it, and it works kind of invisibly
  • Killed off genDBStats as RDS now handles metrics over time
  • TODO: drop the dbstats table (Filed in github)
  • Thinned the shit out of the necessary cron jobs.
  • Removed all of the Everything::MAIL stuff that required mail::sender. We are now on email::sender with an SMTP transport to Amazon SES
    Aug 31
  • Nuked %$NODE, node_id 86. This was an old nodelet designed to show you what was in cache. It represented code from before the current version of the nodecache.
  • Nuked coreStatus, node_id 30. This was one of the first htmlcode nodes, and represented a test for a piece of functionality which was rewritten at some point.

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