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May 3, 2007

  • began work on the E2 Annotation Tool
  • Refactored /command style messages into single function call.
  • Installed KinoSearch on web4, began using it as full search instead of Plucene. Much faster indexing, pretty much the same result speed.

May 5, 2007

  • Revised new user creation page to give password immediately rather than e-mail it to the user.
  • Finished up basic AJAX and revision of E2 Annotation Tool. Now it needs some finetuning.
  • Created the "/help" catbox command and help topics to populate it.


  • Complete Javascript Approver.
  • Write up some JS coding guidelines.
  • Get nodemethod reinstated.
  • More documentation, editing, and reduction of all the superdocs.
  • Fix image server issues.
  • Try to fix the mess of resurrecting writeups.
  • Move vars into dbtable.
  • Condense IP Address table.
  • Scratch Pad work.
  • Move borging / account locking / node forbiddance under Suspension Info.
  • Allow "save draft" option on writeups (oakling).
  • Fix bugs in Chatterbox AJAX.
  • Turn off HN messages for bot nodegroup.
  • Preferences modal dialog box.
  • Ignore/unignore user opcode.
  • Create settings page (or HTMLVARS hash) to manage "standard" id/htmlcode business.
  • Refactor all catbox commands into single function call. Or at least some sort of nicening up of the code. It's ugly.
  • Usergroups.

Things To Delete

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