An excellent Role-playing game site. Created in 1996 as a small, internal industry directory/information center, it has since expanded to the locus of pencil and paper role-playing sites on the internet.

They began putting up reviews, forums were added, and a community quickly sprung up. It is this community that really makes this site what it is. The forums are filled with intelligent people, highly knowledgeable on the subject of RPGs. Also, check the afformentioned reviews, now covering LARPs, wargames, CCGs, and traditional card games along with the basic role-playing reviews. The site is rounded out by a large number of excellent columns, and a weekly survey, and is updated almost daily.

Note : Unfortunately, there is little coverage of Computer Role-playing Games, aside from the occasional review, so don't go there with that in mind.

RPG.NET is the place online to go if you're interested in role-playing games. It's very much an online community run with a light hand, by its users, for its users.

This means that while you will find a lot of high-quality articles, reviews, and discussion, you'll also find a lot of crap. Sturgeon's Law is very much in effect, and nothing illustrates the tragedy of the commons better than the RPG.NET fora.

Most online fans of role-playing games have a love/hate relationship with RPG.NET that is only rivaled by their relationship with dysfunctional roleplaying situations.

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