This node is a part of the Open Roleplaying Game, (an open ended Roleplaying Game without set rules), please read that first if you haven't already.

Creating A Character

  • The Physical Description
    You should first write down a detailed description of what the character looks like. Along with verbal descriptions of the characters strength and intelligence. This will help you get a feel for the character going into the next segment.

  • The History

    You should next write down a fairly detailed history of the character. Be sure to include such details as where the character grew up, who they know, what they have studied, and any enemies that they might have made. By now you should really start getting a feel for the character.

  • The Skill List

    Now it is time for the fun part. Write down a list of all the things the character knows how to do, (including magic). They should be listed in order of proficiency, (list your best skill first). There are no limitations here as to the number of skills. But a character with only a few skills will be much better at them than a character with many skills. The player should also realize magic is a huge skill, (and will penalize all others by the sheer amount of devotion required).

  • The Equipment List

    Another fun part. Write down a list of all of the characters possessions. Once again there are no limits here either. But be aware that the Dungeon Master may throw a few tricks at you if you choose to much equipment. For example: If you write down that you own a castle, the Dungeon Master may decide that you do indeed own the castle by birthright. But it is currently occupied by monsters, and once you take control of the castle you would also assume all the old debts that went along with it.

  • The Contacts List

    This is where you write down a list of people that your character knows. (In the order of importance). Start by including people mentioned in your history. Then add a few more. You should have at least 10 people on your list. You can add as many as you like. (But like everything else in Open Roleplaying Game, quantity decreases quality).

    You know have a detailed character, (without a single statistic), ready for Open Roleplaying Game.

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