How is it never Sunday here? It is never Sunday here this is what Jameson said to me Wednesday and despite all of his wild theories he is most correct about this calendary legerdemain. I have yet to have had a Sunday here. Today, for example, is Thursday. The day before today may have been a Thursday, too I will ask Jameson in the yard; not today, we are not in the yard on Thursday. Saturday is our day in the yard.

No, no - yesterday was Monday, Huff is dead on Monday and Huff wasn't around yesterday, on schedule per ordinary. Yes, yesterday was Monday, and today is Thursday, and with any luck the day after today will be Saturday.

What days have we had?

Monday, check.

Tuesday - do we have Tuesday? Surely we do, Huff is constantly going on about seeing you next Tuesday (Stringer disapproves of this habit of Huff's, he calls it indecent - perhaps this is why we don't have them? Another query for Jameson.)

We've had one Wednesday - that didn't go so well. It began with Jameson's Sunday observation then a flood of other less charitable observations then someone mentioned Huff then Stringer got uncharacteristically nervous and almost went to tears then out came the shockers and the next thing I knew it was Saturday. No doubt they've since eliminated Wednesday.

Thursday, that's today, lots of those. Stuck in our rooms all day except for group stuff, where Huff is back, promising to see me next Tuesday, when he knows as well as I he never will.

Fridays, unfortunately yes. I have a visitor, Lola with cake and crucifix and blubbering and really all in all I would dread Fridays terribly but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

My secret wish is that every day will be Saturday. I am picked to lead the exercise, Jameson and I win the two-man race, we gloat goodnaturedly and spend the afternoon conspiring to ask for a Sunday at the next session.

The bell is ringing, the doors open, off to group session. Huff's room is next to mine, so we walk down the hall together. He and I are barely on speaking terms, but this theft of 1/7 of existence cannot go uncommented upon. I lean over and quiz him on the conspicuous lack of Sundays. He looked at me as if I were crazy, no mean feat.

I have lots of Sundays Huff says out in the yard I lead the exercise and have a great time what I want to know is where are all the Mondays?

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