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An Australian delicacy. Much like pizza, there's no such thing as bad savoury mince, though folks will sing the praises of good savoury mince to all who will listen.

Savoury mince is like minestrone, in that rather working than a set list of ingredients, one simply implements a theme.

At its simplest, savoury mince is just beef mince fried in a pan with salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Options include adding one, some or all of a finely chopped onion, carrot, celery, mushrooms or peas. The juices from the meat may be thickened with Gravox or plain flour. Dried parsley and stock cubes can also be added.

The resulting dish should be a rich, dark brown rather than an insipid grey. Pink bits are not on. There should be a good balance of solids to gravy.

Savoury mince is best served with mashed potato, over hot buttered toast, or in jaffles. Adding tomato sauce is a deeply personal, almost spiritual matter, and one should make no judgements about another's use of the dead horse.

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