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My favourite MST3k episode so far, the Prince of Space is a humble shoeshine boy by day, Prince of Space by, er, day and night. Earth - well, Japan - is invaded by pot-bellied, out of condition, chicken-faced aliens in ill-fitting polyester outfits from Krankor ("Crack whore?"), for some reason, who are really, really crap at invading planets. Their outfits leave nothing to the imagination, which is really unpleasant if you're eating while watching. They also seem to be the only inhabitants of their planet, except for the bizarre, overweight giant who "guards" their base by waving his arms around and going "RARRRR!", much like the shouty man on Takeshi's Castle. But I digress. Luckily, the Prince of Space is on hand to save the day, with some kids who seem to be allowed into all top-secret government installations. For some reason. There may well be a talking pie, for all I know.

Notable for the Prince of Space saying about 12,000 variations on the line "Your weapons are useless against me!", which somehow never gets through to the aliens despite constant repetition. The main baddie, the Phantom of Krankor, has a very loud, grating, false laugh which he suddenly springs on people at totally inappropriate moments, for example: "Pleasant dreams, gentlemen - HAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAAaaaaa...." - I mean, if he subsequently killed them in their sleep or something, you could understand the laugh, but he seems to genuinely be wishing them a good night's sleep. Odd. This movie is remarkably similar to "Space Chief", and looks like it has the same actors and outfits - MST also heckled this one, but not as well as Prince of Space.

Favourite lines:

"Your weapons are useless against me!" (the first 11,999 times, anyway).

MST (when Prince of Space runs from the aliens' laser blasts): "Your weapons are useless, but scare the crap out of me anyway..."

MST (during a space battle): "An exchange of deadly negative scratches!"

MST: "Tokyo: a rare, Godzilla-free day!"

MST: "Oh, the humanity!" - "Oh, the Japanity!"

Kid: "What's wrong with bootblacking, I like it very much?"

MST (piss-take of the the child actors' terrible delivery, in a flat, allwordsrunningintoeachotherkindaway): "Hey I'm not scared I have a tie oh look a tree"

MST (after a laser blast has killed lots of soldiers, leaving only the hats): "For some reason, it doesn't work on hats..."

MST (as Krankor goons prepare to march): "Readyyyy - mince mince mince mince, mince mince mince mince..."

Phantom: "Gentlemen - sit, sit." (they do so) Phantom: "Excellent!" - MST: "You sit well!"

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