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SBS is the Special Broadcasting Service, a service available in Australia. It offers a number of radio stations and a television station. It was set up by Malcolm Fraser in the 1980's as a foil to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Its focus is and has always been multicultural media; it's in the organisation's charter. This means that they show a lot of foreign movies, as well as series on their television station; and they have a very internationally oriented news and current affairs schedule. The radio station focuses on non-English broadcasts, usually on a time-shared system (e.g. Arabic program is 8am to 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Although the focus is multicultural, they also venture into experimental television. South Park first aired on SBS in Australia, before it was popular. They also, for example, have shows like Eat Carpet, which despite the name has nothing to do with lesbianism, rather it is a TV show devoted to short films, experimental television and generally weird stuff.

They have recently expanded their role, starting SBS films, and also SBS World Movies, which is a cable tv channel available on Optus.

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