Middle English, from Old English scaerlinc, from scar+ -ling, -linc -ling; akin to Old High German von scar, Latin scarnos

1. the smallest mark on your heart left by the healing of a severe injury.

2. he or she who is scarred densely almost emotionless

3. a mentally challenged/physically handicapped sibling of a normal star

4. a band from Los Angeles

The band known as Scarling. was formed in Los Angeles in 1999, when Jessicka (formerly of Jack Off Jill) met guitar player Christian Hejnal. After many changes, their current lineup includes: Jessicka - vocals, Christian Hejnal - guitar, Rickey Lime - guitar, Kyle Lime - bass, and Garey Snider - drums.

Their sound is heavily influenced by The Cure and My Bloody Valentine: dark, melodic, and gorgeous. Jessicka's vocals tend towards sounding cute and little-girlish, and there is no sign yet of the screaming that sometimes showed up in Jack Off Jill songs. However, since I haven't picked up their single and their first album isn't out yet, I could be wrong.

Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole
Sweet Heart Dealer (not yet released)

http://www.scarling.net, my experience with the music

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