Cooper Temple Who?

The Cooper Temple Clause is a six piece rock band who hail from Reading, UK. Their sound is a very fresh offering, and the perfect alternative to today's nu-metal dominated airwaves, mixing the best bits from Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Muse and Oasis. They have already won the Best New British Band Award at the Kerrang! Awards Show 2002, and have had three hit singles in the top 40, 20 and 10 singles charts in the UK. Their debut album is out in most of Europe via Morning Records, and may have their eyes set on the states for the future. Coupled with a very mature songwriting ability, plus one hell of a headfuck for a sound (555-4823 for an example), all ensure that the band have a bright future ahead of them.

And wait until you check out their hair.

The Cooper Temple Clause are:

Warfare/Hardware EP
Morning Records

  1. Devil Walks In The Sand
  2. Solitude
  3. Way Out West
  4. Sister Soul
  5. Panzer Attack
  6. I'll Still Write
  7. Mansell

See This Through and Leave
Morning Records

  1. Did You Miss Me?
  2. Film-maker
  3. Panzer Attack
  4. Who needs Enemies?
  5. Amber
  6. Digital Observations
  7. Let's Kill Music
  8. 555-4823
  9. Been Training Dogs
  10. The Lake
  11. Murder Song

Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose
Morning Records

  1. The Same Mistakes
  2. Promises, Promises
  3. New Toys
  4. Talking To A Brick Wall
  5. Into My Arms
  6. Blind Pilots
  7. A.I.M.
  8. Music Box
  9. In Your Prime
  10. Written Apology

While I know that a biography would be nice, the one written on their official site (see below) really cannot be bettered in anyway. The way it is written is in a way that cannot be manipulated into anything. Considering it's the only source for their history, I suggest that you read that instead. The rest of the website is also very well designed, and you should also check out the free music they let you listen to in the releases section. A great website for a great band.

If you like these guys, you wil also like: Pink Floyd, Oasis, Radiohead, Muse, VNV Nations.

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