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School is a drug.

You start small. No homework, parents pick you up and drop you off.

That's when they get you hooked. That's elementary school and preschool.

Then you move on to middle school. Now the teachers are starting to assign you a bit more homework. "The level is just getting a little higher," they say. "We're just turning up the volume."

Then you hit junior high. Now everyone has gone through the same introduction and they are all hooked in. People start to interact, to try new variations; they do different things after school and dress differently. They combine school with other forms of entertainment.

Then you're on to high school. Now it's serious. It's something you can't stop doing. You have to get into the next level, college, so you get even more intense about it. It starts to take over the majority of your life. Maybe not homework exclusively, but everything about school. The interactions, the social games, the sports. All the little 'bonus'es of going to school. And far off in the distance you see one of the ultimate products of high school: sex. It's the big one. Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn't. Either way you realize that there's a hell of a lot more you can do. Or maybe people are forcing you; they want you to be addicted just as they were.

Meet college. Now you're totally on your own, living in your addiction away from those that introduced you to it. In this, there's nothing else. You might get off campus a couple of times a year to take a breather, but it's almost as though you are what's rolled up. You take classes, and you do this for four years. You might even go on to graduate school where all they do is school.

I swear school is a drug. Why are all these people fighting drugs, don't they want me to go to school?

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