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noun. One who disturbs shit. Troublemaker. Rabble-rouser. Dissident. Used in Naomi Klein's book No Logo, which discusses corporate branding and its impact on society.

Protestors are shit disturbers. The WTO conference in Seattle and the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City both were strong examples of shit disturbance in varying degrees. Going to a large protest to march through the streets is a form of shit disturbance. Being a member of the so-called "Black Bloc" is another arguably harsher form of shit disturbance which usually brings negative consequences like tear-gas and riots.

Shit disturbance need not require large groups of people chanting and shouting. It doesn't even need leaflets to pass out. Though large protests and position-pamphlets can help, all you really need to do to disturb some shit is the ability to communicate. Most people in this world keep their shit in an unstable pile. The right words can change a person's view, causing their shit to be disturbed, later resettling in a different configuration. When causing the disturbance, make sure that you do it in a way that leads to a more stable configuration, as opposed to one that is less stable. Through careful disturbances, you can improve a person's life, and change the world.

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