Beat slang - to give someone a story, to deceive, to swindle, to con, to phony up. Synonyms: scam, put on.

Shuck (?), n.

A shock of grain. [Prev.Eng.]


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Shuck, n. [Perhaps akin to G. shote a husk, pod, shell.]


A shell, husk, or pod; especially, the outer covering of such nuts as the hickory nut, butternut, peanut, and chestnut.


The shell of an oyster or clam. [U. S.]


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Shuck, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Shucked (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Shucking.]

To deprive of the shucks or husks; as, to shuck walnuts, Indian corn, oysters, etc.


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Shuck, v. t.

To remove or take off (shucks); hence, to discard; to lay aside; -- usually with off. [Colloq.]

"Shucking" his coronet, after he had imbibed several draughts of fire water.
F. A. Ober.

He had only been in Africa long enough to shuck off the notions he had acquired about the engineering of a west coast colony.
Pall Mall Mag.


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