Born Arthur Lewis in the early 80s, The Genuises has been fighting against his own mind to find the true melodies within. Arthur grew up in Queens, NYC. As a student in Hunter College High School, he sang in a small a cappella group called Fat Joe and the Boys. Their greatest moment was when they were singing tunes in a subway station, and they ran into some trouble with the police. Fortunately, they were just too cute to warrant any serious punishment.

At Yale University, Arthur joined The Duke's Men of Yale, another a cappella group. It was within that group that he met such other singers as Tim Bradley, Drew Osarchuk and soce, the elemental wizard. The Duke's Men travelled all around the world together, from Europe to Africa, to California and Myrtle Beach, sharing many a grand time and bestowing their vocal music upon numerous smiling faces. Arthur also started his own band and did a show at the African American Center which drew a large audience and was filled with all sorts of talented musicians.

Now in New York City, Arthur plays piano in Freestyle Love Supreme, a group that performs weekly sold-out shows at the Ars Nova Theater. FLS consists of two freestyle rappers Two Touch and Lin-Manuel, Arthur the Geniuses on keys, King Sherman on sax, Shockwave on beat boxing, Chris Jackson on vocals, plus a whole crew of professional costume and lighting designers. It's directed by Thomas Kail, a/k/a The Architect. FLS will be performing at the Aspen Comedy Festival this year. Their entire show is made up on the spot with audience suggestions. It's really quite hilarious and has been extremely well-received in the press.

In addition, Arthur has worked at an Apple tech-support store, taught high school kids to build robots out of Legos and given piano lessons. He composes his own music as well, using Pro Tools, Logic, Reaktor, Csound, Kontakt and other high-quality samplers and sequencers. He is very talented and a bit of a perfectionist. His styles range from jazz to soul, r&b, gospel, Broadway and hip hop. In addition to playing synthesizers and keyboards, he also records with guitars, sings and does some beat boxing. He has his own blog, which is filled with witty and intriguing writings on love, life and the discussions that follow.

In December 2004, Arthur and soce decided to spread the rumor that they were dating in order to gain massive publicity. Although the two friends aren't seen together very often, they have thrown some extremely public tiffs in which soce yells at Arthur for cheating on him with all sorts of other people, including Chlöe and Etan. However, they always make up in the end, and soce has professed his undying love by writing a very catchy song entitled Arthur is my Boyfriend.

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