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Probably the greatest rapper ever in the whole universe. When he's not posting on blogs and message boards or sending emails, he does crazy intense shows with like 10 times the energy level as most performers. His music is catchy, his lyrics are punchy, and his dance moves will have you up in the front, shakin' your groove thang. soce, the elemental wizard is a level 27 hip hop spellcaster.

In April 2004, he released his debut CD I'm in My Own World with a party at The Sidewalk Cafe in East Village, NYC to a completely packed house. He plans on releasing his follow-up CD The Lemonade Incident, which will contain such mega-hits as Sad and Lonely, the Work/Play Bar Mitzvah Remix and also Sucking Dick in summer 2005.

Currently residing in NYC, soce has produced music, played violin and rapped with all sorts of other singers and rappers, including dub-L, Jon Berger, God-des, Houston Bernard, Kontrast, Sair Johan, Just Jill, Frank Grimaldi, Arthur the Geniuses, Access Immortal, End of the Weak, Keith Zarriello and Julio Granados.

Of course, soce is a huge RPG fanatic, and he was thrilled to get his hands on the brand new Zelda game the day it was released. He didn't give two shits about Halo 2, because right now, he is a loyal Nintendo customer, and he used to play Bungie games over 5 years ago, when they were a Mac-only company, and those games sucked. soce loved the first few Final Fantasy games, but the later ones have gotten more and more boring. He also enjoys pretty much every Enix game that came out for SNES.

Let's see.. soce grew up in New Hampshire, attended Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale University, and currently works as a computer programmer on Wall St during the daytime. He has gone back to perform at Exeter for the last three years. He also performed in the Peace Out World Homohop Festival in Oakland, CA last year, where he made friends with a bunch of other gay rappers, including Deep Dickollective, Johnny Dangerous, BQE, Katastrophe, Deadlee, JenRO, Basil Hennely and Da Lyrical. He enjoys rollerblading and used to do origami as a child. He also enjoys throwing parties using the power of evite.

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