I refuse to believe life is so simple...so simple that some sold-out, corporate molded, no-talent loser can sing to me about how I can change it...about how I can "make it better."

Hears pop-psychology blurted out on a radio station.

Ohhhhh...that's what my problem is. That makes absolute sense...and it's so ridiculously simple--why did I not realize it before?

Turns off radio. Adjusts accordingly. Life is perfect.

Don't tell me it's easy, even if it is. I want to figure it out on my own...I want to cry and feel pain and go through all sorts of emotions. I want to get splashed with mud and be laughed at and spill red kool-aid on my favorite white dress and finally triumph over all these tragedies.

Maybe my life could be simpler...maybe I could make it so much better. But I won't. It doesn't work that way.

It's not supposed to be like this. You can't just change someone's life with a sophmorically-rhymed verse. My world is so complex, you just can't wrap it in themed giftwrap and present it to me on some special occasion with a neatly-typed giftcard that says, "from someone who cares."

But you did change me, as hard as I fought it.
I resisted so hard, but I had to give in.

Why? I know better than that. It had to be(?)...it didn't have to be(!)

I know that the world is so simple, so marvelously simple.

But please--don't ever tell me that again.

The apparent complexity of the universe stems from humanity's failure to understand its supreme simplicity. Simplification will often yield more answers than obfuscation.

That doesn't mean that answers come easily, just that the simplest things can also be the most difficult to grasp.

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