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Sleepless Syndrome

cocaine calluses, vinegar wine
cheap cigars and the company of swine
they say if you're not living then you're surely dying
the impression I question is the weight on their mind

but it's not so bad
this haze makes me mellow, for this I am glad

we drove to the country to escape the day's fate
city limit signs marking the prison we hate
each line on the highway was continuing bait
we'll wonder on wanderlust but for now we wait

But it's not so bad
tomorrow you'll miss what today you had

I'll find myself shored out on some foreign sea
dreaming and thinking of your thoughts on me
Its a sick twisted spin on empty poetry
to mistakenly miscalculate where you'd rather be

but it's not so bad
maybe you'll miss the good times we had

Its not so bad
but these are the things that are driving me mad
yes these are the things that are driving me mad.

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