some snapshots

Band photo time! We're in Memphis, gathered in front of a large, graffiti-covered wall. Fingers has his camera with him, not yet ready to take the picture. Ogg and I still have our Walkmans (Walkmen?) on; he taps me on the shoulder and shouts Headphone Roulette! and we make the switch.

Headphone Roulette is a misnomer - it actually involves switching Walkmen, and not headphones. And nobody dies or wins anything, as in Russian Roulette or roulette proper. It's just a goof - one of those things that only makes sense to its participants. You had to be there. Little did we know that Fingers was ready to shoot.

The photo: Rico and Dewey on the left, in their proper serious Glimmer Twins pose and clothing. Ogg and I are on the right - Ogg is doing a poor imitation of my poor imitation of a dancer I met years before at Danceteria, to the tune of Grace Jones' "Cry Now, Laugh Later" on my Walkman. I'm in headbanger mode, listening to Iggy Pop's "I'm Bored" on Ogg's. You can barely see my face; my hair is flying, and I look like I've been shot out of a cannon backwards. Threads-wise, we both look like we just got out of bed; I'm wearing Roz's old Crass t-shirt, flimsied to the point of near-unwearability.

We didn't use that photo.

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