SNICK Saturday Night Nick, 8:00-10:00. Beginning on Saturday, August 15, 1992, Nick aired a block of shows containg Clarissa Explains it All, Roundhouse, Are you Afraid of the Dark?, and Ren ‘n Stimpy. Ren ‘n Stimpy and Clarissa were already Nick staples and were the stations biggest hits.

Snick was a great way of all of Nickelodeon's primetime shows to get famous, like Rugrats, All that, Hey Arnold!, and Kablam!, etc. There was also short clips called Snick Snacks. The Big orange couch was the symbol for it,

In 1999, Snick died off, as it was going steadily downhill and they moved most of their successful shows off to weekdays. Now there's TeenNick, Nickelodeon becoming more MTV every day. Sad. They play parts of music videos now.

Snick (?), n. [Prov. E. snick a notch; cf. Icel. snikka nick, cut.]


A small cut or mark.

2. Cricket

A slight hit or tip of the ball, often unintentional.

3. Fiber

A knot or irregularity in yarn.


4. Furriery

A snip or cut, as in the hair of a beast.

Snick and snee [cf. D. snee, snede, a cut], a combat with knives. [Obs.]



© Webster 1913.

Snick, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Snicked (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Snicking.]


To cut slightly; to strike, or strike off, as by cutting.

H. Kingsley.

2. Cricket

To hit (a ball) lightly.

R. A. Proctor.


© Webster 1913.

Snick, n. & v. t.

See Sneck.

[Prov. Eng. & Scot.]

Snick up, shut up; silenced. See Sneck up, under Sneck.

Give him money, George, and let him go snick up. Beau & Fl.


© Webster 1913.

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