Spare key holders are fairly popular things. If you're anything like me, they can be life savers. Or not. I lock myself out of my house or out of my car all the time. Almost on a daily basis.

Spare key holders are supposed to hold a spare set of keys for you. Many people might use their door mat to hide their spare keys. Others might buy a fake stone, or a fake lawn frog or something they found while reading a Skymall catalog in an airplane that was made to hold a spare set of keys. The airplane isn't made to hold keys, the frog you bought while you were on the airplane is. Personally, I wouldn't pay 30 bucks for a frog that you can twist the head off of, but it seems many people do.

The other day I bought a spare key holder for my car. It's a little black box with some magnets on it so you can stick it under your car and hide keys under there. Now, if your town has a lot of people who like to crawl under cars all the time and look around, these little black boxes with magnets on them might not be such a good idea. Its supposed to be very useful for guys like me who like to be idiots and lock themselves out of their cars all the time. I figured it would be worth my $2.

It was in the summer, and I had been driving around a lot. I went to the mall, came back to my car, and realized I didn't have my keys on me. I look through the window, and I can see the keys sitting right in the ignition. I never even took them out! Anyway, "No problem!" I figure. "I have a spare set!" So I reach under my car, and grab the little black box, and try to open it. The only problem was, the plastic on the black box top and the box melted together. Except I didn't realize this for about 15 minutes. After much cursing and swearing, I threw the damned box at a wall. It proceded to shatter in many pieces, but at least I got my keys out.

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