Speaker Drivers are the complete assembly of the visible cone portion of a speaker.

Drivers are composed of a Frame holding a Cone, Magnet, and Voice Coil.

The Cone is the part of the driver that pushes air to create sound. It is held in place by the frame and suspended from the frame by the Suspension (or Surround).

There is also a Spider (or Spider Suspension) that holds it centered on the back side where the magnet and coil are.

The cone then has a wire wound in a cylinder shape that protrudes between a permanent magnet. This Voice Coil is what is connected to the amplifier. As voltage changes across this coil (and current flows), the coil moves in relation to the magnet, causing the cone to move.

There are also two Poles, a Center Pole and a Front Pole, these are non-magnetic structures designed to keep the Voice Coil from flying about.

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