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Short Explanation?

A band from LA, formed in 1996, from the ashes of the band Basic Enigma. They would say that they were inspired by Fear Factory, mainly after the release of Demanufacture.

I would say they remind me of a more explosive version of orgy, with hints of fear factory mixed in.

They've produced two albums, those being Strictly Diesel, and the more recent The Height Of Callousness.

Two songs you should get if you want to get a feel for the band are: Synthetic, and Asthmatic.

Hey, this music isn't for everybody. If you enjoyed it, buy the cds. You might also like the band Pitchshifter. I really don't think that band gets mentioned enough and its quite similar to our friend spineshank.

Check out http://www.spineshank.com if your looking for more information

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