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The most courteous and efficient way to use an escalator. All too often someone will climb onto an escalator and just stop walking, standing in the middle of the step as they gawk at the scenery around them. This keeps anyone else from passing, and irritates anyone trying to get somewhere in a hurry. Sometimes the problem is caused by two people standing next to each other, entirely blocking the escalator. If you're planning to ride up or down the escalator, it's more polite to stand to the right. This enables those who would prefer to walk to get by on your left. (This concept also applies to moving walkways such as those found in airports and is also good practice on sidewalks.)

generic-man says When I was in Tokyo, where (as everywhere in Japan) people drive on the left side of the road, the opposite is true. It took some getting used to. Not sure whether this happens in the UK, Oz, etc.

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