Sometimes, life is in sore need of a reboot. When you find yourself counting the days as they pass, patiently awaiting your next holiday, drunk or lay, you're probably not too happy with your life.

After all, you're only living a fraction of it, and doing whatever you can to make the rest of it speed past.

Unfortunately, people tend to grow attached to the familiar, and so it is difficult to dispose of all things which define your social status. When the choice comes down to inconvenience or stagnation, though, I think there's really only one option.

I'm walking the walk as well as talking the talk. There's a tremendous feeling of exhilaration as you enter into what amounts to free fall. Suddenly, the ground is yanked out from beneath your feet and there's a sense of urgency to existing, again. Breathing becomes somehow less stifled, and those long forgotten dreams that you had as a child suddenly stop seeming silly and immature. Instead, they really do appear to point to the places where you ought to be headed.

Where better to go than where you want to be?

So, if you sit back and ask yourself "Is this what I want?" and the answer is "No!", maybe it's time to leave that job, unload your condo and go picking berries in Brazil.

Or whatever floats your boat.

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