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many people are asking "what is disyr" and this is not surprise me. even people living close to disyr are not knowing this.

if you know of country azerbaijan, you perhaps are also know of nakchivan. nakchivan is complicated situation to azerbaijan, is have independence and also have own parliament, but is in same family as azerbaijan but does not touching of border of azerbaijan. is having borders of armenia and also of iran, and also is small part borders turkayi.

some people of nakchivan say "we are same as people of azerbaijan" and others say "no we are not same", but is not situation of civil war or marching of independence. have own flag, government, and other things like to be own-self country.

biggest city and have airport is nakchivan city. far far north-wards and east-wards of nakchivan is city sabuz, is on road. this is last city have road when go to disyr.

disyr people are mountain people like many of europe asia. disyr is valley north-wards and a little east-wards of sabuz, high in mountain near border of armenia. people of disyr are less than 1 000 people, but have live in valley for longer than great-great first-uncle is remember to hear about from he own great-great first uncle. disyr people are like have own country, same as nakchivan is to azerbaijan. people of disyr are having language of disyr, and clothes of disyr, and all other thing of disyr except do not have disyr passport or disyr money.

disyr is poor people, but not as to starve or thirst of death. disyr is mostly grow food, some are find work in city of nakchivan, or armenia, or azerbaijan and send home money, but always come back after few years. i am learn of people of tibet, who have this same way, that man goes to work for year or two year, then come home with money to live for year or two year more before go to find more work. some people of disyr is same, but men of tibet share wife, men of disyr do not share wife.

this also part of why my very bad english. only speaking disyr and very bad english. have learn to read little english in school of disyr, and then learn much english from fourth-uncle skilo. fourth-uncle skilo, before he die in crash of expensive car, he is make dictionaire of translate dysir-english, but only make less than half of part finish. he is finish most of turn english word into dysir word, but not other way, and still is many problem with dictionaire. first is dictionaire is paper only. is not easy way typing dysir language with computer. dysir is have one dysir typewrite, that is made by friend of fourth-uncle skilo ten year ago, but still require some part write afterward with pen because many symbol of strike-arm is not complete. other problem with dictionaire is many word not known by fourth-uncle skilo is make by use english-turkish dictionaire and other dictionaire. fourth-uncle skilo, he was speak seven language so able to find many word.

i am right now work in cafe in city. i am here now for fourth month after my friend ryleiv is get me place for job. he is leave dysir five year ago and get two job in city, one he work airport and two he work drive truck in city. for two year i think he forget me which makes angry and sad, ryleiv is best friend for all years since we are both smallest infant. but when he is find cafe having job, he convince owner to give job to me and send me letter.

i am lucky have job. i do not send money to disyr since nothing to need. family is gone except third-uncle who have two farm. i am hope to save to buy one of farm from third-uncle and return to disyr.

so this is story of people of disyr and also small part story of how i get here. ryleiv is read webscreen of everything2 and tell me i should tell story here. is funny, ryleiv reading english very good but scared to speaking it, he is afraid of be mock like time he is try to speak farsi after study for six month. I think I practice english of tell story and with customer in cafe, and get indoor job of shirt and tie some day.

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