Strophy. Met him first at Chemistry camp. Mature stance - "maybe cultivated..," i thought. Seen him once after that. Very beguiling person. Not like anyonesle I know, but then what gives me the right to alleviate myself to status of the judge, to categorise ppl into what I know to be stereotypes/categories.. am I inadequate to judge? Aren't we all! Do we categorise ppl for personal gain? Easier to understand them OR IS IT a way to help ourselves feel unique? Individualism is something MOST strive for but in a way, we all flock the same direction by complying to trends of fashion and whatever else seems appealing at the time to each "individual".

Everything about him was different to my expectations of a WHITE 18 year old BOY. He challenged my thoughts and words.

Why is it so important (to me) to be intellectually challenged? Secularity appeals; but only in initial stages of anything. Beneath appearances the reality that lurks, is somehow brought to the surface. After a while ( - A WHILE!!!) we humans (hopefully) have the brains to look beneath.

Is this "beneath" always/ever apparent to/in ppl we interact with? When do we "see the true colours"?

Cliches such as this are sometimes more effective than implied/perceived. If they weren't effective, they wouldn't be used as often.

Isn't that a big contradiction in itself? Repitition emphasises but it also makes a feeling/thought/word(s) devalue. How can (/Why does) one thing be/mean two? If one interprets it differently because of this ambiguity, I don't think that it is justifiable for words to have double meaning. People shouldn't have to read between the lines to extract understanding since everyone is different. People have different capabilities and possess many different stages of perception/comprehension; and some/many might not be able to comprehend 'camouflaging'.

Is it fair to assume that all humans will perceive the one 'thing' in the ONE same way?? - when essentially, MOST THINGS - languages and most forms of communications vary? Do I (physically) see something the same as strophy does? He/I might be more opened to detecting the various different shades of a single colour but to someonelse, all shades might seem one. What's the purpose of variation? Why do we crave for variety when essentially, we are identical and our lives are identical - I agree that this point is debatable - may be we're different because I am brown and Strophy's white. That's more physical difference, now isn't it? He does not believe in one religion, nor marriage, where as I am a staunch catholic who thinks that marriage is essential to leading a fulfilling life or my view of a fulfilling life seems complete with ONE person to shar with - again difference, but in moral codes of behaviour and belief systeme. We THINK very similarly but don't BEHAVE in similary ways - due to totally different experiences and styles of upbringing having been experienced - we appear different, when essentially, I wouldn't be completely wrong in definitely saying that we were identical within. Ultimately, one thing will happen to all of us after death; or will it??? Whether it is reincarnation, purgatory/heaven/hell.... whatever our beliefs may be on the topic, ONE thing will happen to ALL of us = BUT may be what does happen to us (wholly) depends on our individual beliefs? JUST because i believe in heaven/hell/purgatory, does this mean I WILL fall into one of these abodes after death? Why is it that no one can confirm/deny this for sure? Will one only know for sure after experiencing something? Is this true for anything without exception? Does anything exist without an exception?

Back to strophy... He inspired this thought process. His inspiration motivated this entry. Actually, he wanted to be famous and seen as 4-dimensional. Does he seem 4d at all? To me, he is mystical, almost mythological. I don't ever want to know him completely. We made an agreement today = to get married if we both weren't by a certain age. I think I can change or inspire change in his views through justification - only time will tell!

Godspeed You Black Emperor!
Carry Our Hopes And Dreams With You To Damnation!

The only thing to say of this Germanesque-badass-teenybopper-wannabe-goth, is that he writes some mean Elvis.

LIES! All terrible terrible lies!
He committed plagiarism and I bore the brunt of my own good will! (Though I admit it was probably only me he intended to fool)

Also Chief Editor of Rawk Zine (
Because an infinite number of monkeys indeed cannot be wrong.

"well, i would write you something interesting but i am currently in excruciating pain and must hurry to the doctor. i was drinking more sangria last night, and i decided to mix it with cinnamon powder. i put the powder in the glass after the sangria though, and it floated. my drunken mind said 'blow on it to make it sink', which i duly did. now i have cinnamon in my eye and i cant get it out."

Oh yeah - tricked me into crashing a wedding reception once.

Recently became an Orthodox Catholic - "the priest was a tad surprised at the black nail polish while washing my feet, but not nearly as much as all the monks on the holy penisular-republic of athos. this is a true story, not plagiarised. honest."

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