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Here's the idea: Both wrestlers have one arm tied to one side of a long leather strap. Sometimes it's a long chain.  Sometimes it's a long dog collar.  Sometimes Vince Russo smokes a little too much crack and makes it a "Brahma Bullrope."

Occasionally that'll be the extent of the stipulations, with the match ending by pinfall or submission in the normal manner.  More often, however, the winner is the first wrestler to drag his opponent to all four corners of the ring and touch all the corners consecutively.

There is only one--and I mean EXACTLY ONE--ending to a touch-the-corners strap match.  I know this because in the entire storied history of professional wrestling, every single strap match has ended in the same stupid way:

While wrestler #1 drags supposedly passed-out wrestler #2 around the ring to the first three corners, #2 sneaks up behind #1 and touches the corners afterwards.  Then, #2 runs past #1 and touches the 4th turnbuckle first, stealing victory out of the jaws of defeat.

It might actually be kind of cool if the matches EVER ended differently.  As it stands, I've only ever seen ONE good strap match (Raven and Stevie Richards vs. The Pitbulls for the ECW World Tag Team Titles at Gangsta's Paradise '95), but that was decided by pinfalls and not the lame corner-touching so it doesn't really count.

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