The phrase "Take responsibility", usually utilized in a heated argument involving some sort of misfortune, is generally a clear indication that the two people arguing disagree as to where the responsibility for a given action actually lies. It is a mistaken conversational assumption that the speaker of the phrase is, actually, the responsible one and in the right, although this is not always the case (as with anything else).

This has become one of the triggers that has been hardwired into all of our brains from our parents, or the television shows or movies we've all been exposed to in theme or function. The end result is that "Take responsibility" has become a sort of "magic phrase", useful for either shocking someone into re-evaluating their current analysis of situational responsibility, or conversely, to obscure a correct analysis by injecting an emotionally charged phrase, distracting the target from fully constructing their argument.

As with any other (knowing or unknowing) use of neurolinguistic programming, it can be used for good or for evil.

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