My mother was just shy of six feet tall. Throughout my teenaged years she tried to impress upon me that I should be looking for a nice tall girl to marry. I did like tall women but I also liked short ones, medium sized ones, curvy ones, thin ones, not thin ones. I guess in the end I just liked women in general. When I started dating in high school, I was always dating short girls. My mother of course noticed and asked me why. I told her that I liked them as individuals, and that I wasn't trying to date someone for their size or their body parts.

So, she told me about how it was always tough for her when she was in high school. All the tall boys dated the short girls, which left all of the tall girls stuck with the short boys. When they would dance the guy's faces would be right at the height of the gal's chest. I told her that was a secret agreement that the boys made so they'd get a face full of boobs. I think she believed me.

When I married, she wasn't tall but she wasn't short either. My mom told me she'd be happy with whomever I married as long as I was happy and there was a chance that our kids would be tall. We did luck out, all of the kids are taller than my wife and my son is taller than me. Mom would be happy if she was looking down on us.

Iron Noder 2017

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