I think taste is a part of ones personality. Therefore many people can agree that sugar tastes good, or that michelangelo was a magnificent painter, because most people are very alike in most ways, and in these matters experts can be very helpful to guide us towards new experiences. But as an expert the person is not like everybody else on that particular subject, in which he/she is an expert. so sometimes experts make expert oppinions not very well accepted by the public, because of the experts individual, and highly specialiced taste.

An example:

Most people like the ordinary red wines you can buy nearly everywhere, But an expert doesn't appreciate those common wines, he would rather have some, almost always, very expensive special wine from a particular year. But if you gave this special wine to an ordinary consumer he/she would probably say that the wine was too strong for their taste.

Hence a special taste is an individual taste. Therefore I think that it is important that you try as much in this life as possible, give everything a chance and find out what you like the most. Maybe your friends will think differently, but thats just good, it shows that you have the courage to stand out even among your friends and stand by what is really you.

But sadly In recent years people have wanted to stand out, more than they have wanted to find themselves and sometimes the result is people eating shit!.

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