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A common name for both a way of speaking and person using this way of speaking. It is typically practised by young men of ages from 10 to 20. Consists of excessive use of letters 'x' and 'z' in place of 'ks' and 'ts' to supposedly shorten the speech in finnish version, and of several single-character letter- and number-conversions in english version. Both versions include overly use of punctuation marks, namely '!' and '?', of course combined with well-known "STUCK CAPS LOCK SYNDOME", but it is the use of letter conversion that is most characteristics to Teini-X.

Samples, finnish version of Teini-X:

mix sää puhut tolleen?!?!?!?

haluuxa jäzkii?!????!??

mix sä teit tolleen!??!?!

Samples, english version of Teini-X:

who r u?!?!??


everything 4ever!!!

See also: peelo.

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