The Everything Altoad
A Curiously Strong Amphibian

The Everything Altoad can be found anywhere inspiration is lacking. It could be in the chatterbox where jaded noders have become bored with the normal "mindless chatter", or it might be right before a particularly perilous nodeshell run (for or against), or you just might have a couple of hours to kill on a Saturday afternoon, so what the hell.

Whatever the reason, it is a pleasant secular alternative to the ever popular testamints. Many everythingians often choose these in lieu of testamints because of the unpleasant sacrilicious aftertaste of the latter. At this point, you may be wondering just what the everything altoad tastes like.

Here's a snippet of an interview I conducted in the chatterbox:

The Everything Altoad. Accept No Substitutes!

(note to the diabolical dr.fez: im trippin your nodeshels into a frenzy of dik play. bring it on, boy! i'm a bad, bad man! --courtesy of The Nodeshell Rescue Team.)

Altoads. The curiously strong mint-flavoured toad.

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