someone I know re: Altoids and Altoids tins:

Way back in the bad old days, high school days, before anybody even knew what Altoids were and you had to buy them in specialty and import food shops I became addicted to them. I went through a tin a week for years. I accumulated so many tins that once I went to GA Tech they became the standard cases for nearly anything electronic I made. There are, or were in 1991, in Brown Dorm many illegal cable and phone junction boxes encased in Altoid tins. A couple of us attempted to build an intercom system encased in Altoid tins but it turned out to be a big pain and was left unfinished. They also worked well as cases for my small explosives experiments.

The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Peppermints made in Great Britian and now mass-marketed over the entire USA. Made by Callard & Bowser, these mints are extremely stong and come in convenient little tins. Originally only in peppermint flavor, Altoids now come in such flavors as cinnamon and spearmint. Also available in mini-tins for those not-so-desperate moments. Know to be THE definitive weapon against bad breath, one can see people using Altoids almost anywhere.

There is a pretty cool Urban Legend about Altoids that a friend of mine once tried to debunk.

I am responsible, to no small extent, in his girlfriends eyes, since I was the one who emailed him this sex tip.

Of course the fact that I merely acted as a vector for the meme is lost upon her; I am the guilty party for what now is bordering upon an obsession.

The idea is that the girl takes two of the curiously strong mints a couple of minutes before the fun begins.

While sucking on the mints she engages in fellatio upon her boyfriend. Apparently the combination of probing hands, an active tongue and the stimulating, refreshing mints causes a rather unusual and pleasurable sensation.

And why did I say he tried to debunk the Urban Legend?

'Cause, according to my buddy, it ain't no Urban Legend at all; it works! He attributes it's properties to eucalyptus oil on his sensitive organ. And now (obsessive fuck that he is!) that's the ONLY way he'll have it.

And I'm in an awkward position; his girlfriend thinks I'm a major pervert, and since they are friends I can't talk my girlfriend into trying it at all!

Bummer, since it actually sounds pretty cool!
  • Sugar, Gum Arabic, Oil of Peppermint, Gelatin, Glucose Syrup

    Nutritional Information:
  • Serving Size: 3 pieces, approx 2g
  • Calories: 10
  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0g
  • Sodium: 0g
  • Total Carbohydrates: 2g
    Sugars: 2g
  • Protien: 0g

    Rumor has it that Altoids are also supposed to be an excellent addition to Oral Sex.

    Altoids is a registered trademark of Callard and Bowser, Great Britain
  • The Original Celebrated
    Curiously Strong

    made in Great Britain, these peppermints are specially formulated peppermint lozenges many times stronger than ordinary mints. Their curious stength comes from the generous use of real peppermint oil, as prescribed in the original recipe developed by Smith & Co. at the turn of the 19th century.

    Established in 1780 during the reign of King George III, Smith & Co. later became a part of Callard & Bowser, a prestigious English confectioner founded in 1837. To this day, Callard & Bowser continues to make Altoids to the original recipe developed almost 200 years ago.

    I'll unwrap the box slowly, crinkling off the plastic, and watch the reflected light slide across the lid as I open it. I'll gingerly lift the first one from the paper, feel its crumbliness between my fingers, and casually pop it into my mouth.

    Mmmm...minty. With the first lodged in my cheek, I'll just sit for awhile, tasting, relaxing. Look at the others, sitting nestled in calm disarray (me and the mints both). Maybe wait 'till it's half-dissolved, or even completely dissolved. Then I'll take another, with a little more glow in my eye, a little more energy in my hands. Savor it. Its mintyness. It will be just almost too much, too minty. But I'll grab a third seconds later and cram it right next to the second, feeling the mintiness burn inside me, feeling the terrible (original celebrated curiously strong) minty potency, and then, shaking, two more, and it will be overwhelming, then two more, and I'll begin to lose myself in a sea of mint, and then, with a tremor, I'll summon my last reserves, and my final conscious action will be to lift the tin and tilt it backwards, slowly, slowly backwards, and a storm of minty hail will tumble, cascade, fly downwards toward my lips.

    They'll find me the next day. I'll be slumped in a corner, the tin open and on its side inches from my outstretched hand.

    Time of death: 1:25 AM. Cause: Altoids.

    The officer will lower his pencil and sigh.

    "Altoids. When will people learn."

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