After nano-technology is taken to its outermost limits, and the code for the universal fabric is cracked, the entire universe will be merely an extension of our computers. This is called, "the CS-ization of the world".

The CS-ization of the world will mean that the primary concerns of human-kind will move into the domains of thought and emotion. Emotion will become the new sense of carnal body, and intuition will be valued as the new sense of intelligence.

DNA was the first nanotechnology. History has been the highly contorted process of humanity learning to understand itself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. This phase of the Earth School is mastery of physical. The mastery of nanotechnology is synonymous with mastery of genetic engineering. There is a word to describe what such a technological novelty would be, though it is rarely if ever spoken above a whisper:


Complete programmable control over physical matter at the molecular scale implies examples such as the following:
  • An architect designs an office building on a computer. On completion, she merely has to tap a key--the building is constructed, molecule by molecule, by microscopic machines right before her very eyes.

  • With sufficient knowledge of the chemical compositions, one may easily turn any kind of biomass into food for the entire planet. See blue goo.

  • Nano-Napster: search a database of physical object designs and download (replicate) whatever you wish. Say goodbye to supply and demand. Information is free. See what happens when all matter becomes information?

  • Nano-replacement: attach a tiny nanobot to each neuron in your brain; all inputs and outputs are monitored until the behavior can be perfectly predicted; kill every neuron; you are left (hopefully) with a fully functioning mind with merely a new physical substrate.

  • Want to be a dolphin? A bird? An interstellar butterfly? A beam of white light?
Graduation day from physical reality may be sooner than you think. The Singularity approaches only more swifter as each day passes. Everybody has felt time speeding up.

Each one of us is a word of approximately 700,000,000 characters, and this word is made flesh when the sperm and the egg form a zygote and the DNA textural message is downloaded into matter. Now we are on the brink of decoding the human genome, and the end result of this is that the flesh will be made word.

- Terence McKenna

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