Make up your mind as she makes up her face
She'll never really know her place
You'll lay on her frame and give her a new name

~Nicole Blackman

So this is how we conversate,
the scheduled dance, the scheduled date.
Oh honey, you knew when we first met,
I'm not your customer
and I'm not your fate.

Philosophy cannot enthrall me
sophistry cannot long gain me.
I have the knife and I have nerves,
I have the answer if you've got the query.

So what is the question?
What is the answer?
Where is the truth, the vindication of action?
I cannot start to stop, I can never look deeper
than the action, the motion, your own black intention.

You could have but could not hold me
for a day or a season
but ask the wrong question
and I'll give the wrong answer.

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