So there you are in Literature/English class discussing some fairly uninteresting symbolism about the quibbles and puns in Hamlet and how they seem to metaphorically foretell the unfortunate onset of prostate cancer for the avenging hero (fortunately it went into remission)... Moving on, your venerable sensei asks the class about some other symbolic reference, making sure to point out:
"Remember, there is no right answer to this kids."

Then Little Johnny puts up his hand and spews some mindless drivel about the sheep foretelling the impeding crisis. Teach nods and says:

"That's very good Little Johnny, have a sticker you clever little boy!"

Not to be outdone you promptly put up your hand:

"The werd that the man Shakespeare is tryin ta say, Ma'am, is dat Hamlet be a cool ass motherfucker who don't take no shit from no foo' - not even his aged gran'mama. 'Dis mofo Hamlet, any homie who fucks wit' him gonna get his asscap bust man! Don't cross him muh man or he smoke yo ass to grass."

Teacher frowns, thinks, pauses.

"I suppose there is that interpretation as well, but I don't think so. Anybody else want to try?"

And with those harsh, cruel words reality comes tumbling down, self-confidence shatters and angst mode initiates. There is no right answer and you got it wrong?! And Little Johnny didn't?

Forget violence in the media, pornography, divorce and the like. Problems with todays youth? This is the cause. I am scarred for life.

"There is no right answer?" A noble and true sentiment at times, but perhaps not the most appropriate thing to tell a young college freshman heady from his or her first draught from the well of subjectivity.

Students are, essentially, a heartless wolf pack and will close in on any hint of subjectivity, like it was an old or sick animal, to cull it from the herd of objectivity. Drunk with pseudo-intellectual concepts and their own youthful arrogance, they will use this point to argue just about anything if it squeezes a few more grade points from a beleaguered professor.

This is my only weapon, but it is a powerful one. What I say is this:

"There is no right answer; however, there are wrong answers."

That seems to do the trick.

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